Noor is an active investor in various service sectors to maintain its diversified portfolio and implement its asset light model.

Our Service Sectors Portfolio
Hotels Global Group Company, Jordan (HGG)
GCC hospitality sector has been very promising due to its substantial growth in the recent years. It has developed its niche tourism offerings such as heritage and cultural tourism, diving and wild life oriented tourism. Through its subsidiary, Hotels Global Group Company in Jordan, Noor holds the concession rights of Amman International Airport Hotel which is a 4-stars hotel with 300 rooms and multiple F&B outlets as well as other facilities. This hotel is managed in-house and in addition, Hotels Global Group Company is providing hospitality services and management of third party hospitality businesses.

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Noor Telecommunication Company KSCC, Kuwait (Noortel)
Noor Telecommunication Company KSCC (Noortel) is a Shariah-compliant, Kuwait-based closed-shareholding company that was incorporated in 2007. Noor owns a 51% stake in Noortel. Noortel directly invests in the Information, Communication, and Technology (ICT) sector and acts as a holding company with a portfolio of various investments. Noortel has also partnered with companies that operate in data center equipment and software, mobile security and mobile content management software, virtualization, disaster/recovery, Java application development and radio-frequency identification Noortel’s IT operations now include Arab Information Management Services (AIMS), IT Partners Holding Company, National Information Technology Company and Digital Alliances for Marketing & Advertisement Company.

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National Warehousing Company, Kuwait (NWC)
National Warehousing Company was incorporated as a Kuwait Closed Shareholding Company in 2006. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Noor and is engaged in the principal activities of setting up, running, maintaining, supervising, leasing, and supplying all types of warehousing services.

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