Corporate Social Responsibility refers to the continued commitment by the company to act ethically and contribute to sustainable development of the society in general and the Company shareholders & employees in particular through all the activities and responsibilities carried out by the Company which may impact the society or environment that the Company operates in.

Noor strives to ensure that all actions and activities carried out by the Company are consistent with the interests of society and its sustainable development which is defined as the development that meets the current needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Ethical behavior and compliance with applicable laws and regulations have to be further cornerstones for the Company’s ongoing activities.

Noor believes that its achievement in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility shall be one of the positive indicators of its overall performance. Therefore, Noor is committed to align its business values and strategy with social and economic needs while embedding responsible and ethical business practices into every activity carried out by it. 

Noor’s Corporate Social Responsibility is developed to guide the Company in managing its activities while providing the community with support required to achieve long-term business and social benefits and ensure that the Company consistently operates in a manner that minimizes detrimental impacts to society and environment.

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Corporate Social Responsibility 2018 Download
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