Noor Financial Investment Organized a Workshop to Combat Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing

Noor Financial Investment company organized a workshop and a specialized training course on combating money laundering and terrorist financing, which revolved around the concept of money laundering operations with different mechanisms, and the risks that may arise on the role of licensed persons in combating against such operations. The company confirmed eagerness to develop the skills of their employees, and brief them on the latest international developments in combating money-laundering and strengthening skills development. The workshop was held on two separate days. Lectured by Dr. Jamal Abdul Rahim and Mr Emad Al-Hussain - Unit Manager Compliance and anti-money laundering. Distinct topics dealt with in this framework, focused on the definition of the concept of money laundering and staff teams on the financing of terrorism. Select international regulatory frameworks for each, as well as identify the risk assessment mechanism and its impact on strengthening the AML approach, understanding the role of the company in this area, in addition to the policies and procedures. The workshop was preceded by a training course with practical examples derived from real case studies. 

Anti-Money Laundering workshop Image2
Anti-Money Laundering workshop
Anti-Money Laundering workshop Image1

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